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Iron Monger is my latest effort. However, it isn't finished and about a month ago I decided to give up on it terminally. So, track by track, I'm uploading it to Newgrounds now. The idea behind it is to provide a conceptual soundtrack to the story which is, believe it or not, Sci-Fi (what else can fit with industrial, eh?).

The story goes that around the middle of the 21st century, in the biggest human colony on Mars, London Town, a major event is about to take place. A terrorist by the name of Iron Monger capitalises on the local dissent and stages a revolution after which he is crowned new ruler of the newly created United People's Front of Mars.

That's it, in a nutshell. Experimentations and other such debauchery ensues on this record, and I'll probably give the full details of the story and links and whatnot later, if anyone cares, that is :P.

Hey guys, I'm new here, so let me do a little intro.

I'm just a guy composing music out of his bedroom using various software. My main instrument is the guitar, but I'm trying to pick up bass and keyboards too. So, basically, all the music on here is not played by me it's just composed by me, so try to evaluate compositional strong points or faults, please. My style up until now is basically industrial metal with a few deviations here and there. I prefer layered tracks, so my music is best listened to on headphones.

Right, so, with that out of the way, I present to you my first album: DeVoid EP. The music will slowly but surely uploaded 2 songs/day. I'm now busy at work finishing my 2nd album, Iron Monger and I'm starting a couple new projects.

To download the full album, clicky here: n-N/DeVoid_EP.rar .

Also, I'd really appreciate any remixes you guys would want to make, as I also want to put together a remix/remake album, where I take care of the remake part and you guys take care of the remix part. If this helps, you can download the original midis of the tracks here: n-N/DevoidMidis.rar .

Thanks to anyone who may read this, for any songs you might listen to, and for any comments you may post, any critique is welcomed!